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4x800m (400m recoveries)

30 April, 2010

Yesterday, my first ever pair of racing flats arrived in the mail.

My first ever racing flats

Not obvious from this picture is that they have go-faster spangles embedded in the shoelaces! They are also surprisingly well cushioned. I only recently decided to try out the flats having always assumed they’re for ‘elite’ runners and those with perfect biomechanics, but the fact is that I see this kind of shoe around me at races now. It may be because I’m a little faster than I was, or it may be the trend towards less/minimalist shoes.

In any event, the track session last night went off without a hitch, and it felt very nice to run in them. Sadly, the last time I did an 800m workout I didn’t record the recovery times, but these were all interleaved with 400m in 2:20-2:23 recoveries.

4x800m (2:36, 2:34, 2:36, 2:35)
Yesterday: 5.5 miles
Today: 0 miles.

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