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Treadmill Intervals

28 April, 2010

Yesterday, I couldn’t wander far from home on account of hosting an out-of-town visitor, so I went to the community centre around the corner for the first time in a couple of months. This is also the first time, I believe, I’ve tried doing an interval session on the treadmill. As it was just about 48 hours after the 10k race, I figured this is actually quite sensible as the impact is less and therefore any lingering damage from the race wouldn’t be exacerbated. Surprisingly my legs were feeling quite okay, not sore, though perhaps I felt a little sluggish at the start.

There are other differences besides the softness of the surface. For one thing, the treadmill takes longer to change between speeds, even if the running/jogging speeds are set before the start of the workout. Is this better? If I’m on a track I tend to change my speed instantly, that’s to say more or less over the course of one stride, whereas the treadmill takes around three seconds. It seems intuitively correct (I’m speculating) that this would actually be better for the muscles, particularly when slowing down. 17×100 ~23s (slightly faster than 5k pace), recoveries of ~37s.

Yesterday: 5 miles running, 30k cycling.
Today: 4.5 miles.

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