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Open Sandwich

18 April, 2010

Generally, I trust my appetite to tell me how much to eat, and where to draw the line. I also have a sweet tooth, and even though I indulge it on a regular basis I like to think I can discern when I’m eating to refuel compared to emotional eating.

Now that I’m entering the final sharpening phase of this training cycle, things can get a bit out of wack. (Not quite as bad as it would be for a marathon, however). My long run yesterday was shorter than it’s been for a while. Normally, at the weekend, I can eat and eat and know that I’m still going to end the day with a calorific deficit to make up the next day. But yesterday, as my pizza sat baking in the oven, I started to wonder whether I was overdoing it. Having eaten the pizza, I sat down to count the calories of my day (something I’ve done only once before in my life), and sure enough that groggy bloated feeling was matched by a five to six hundred calorie surplus. The point is this: apparently, I can trust the appetite. When I eat too much, my body will tell me!

I cycled over to Stanley Park today with the intention of doing a sandwich workout (bike-run-bike) before turning around having realized I’d left my lock at home, and then doing my run back in my neigbourhood. I’m starting to monitor cycling load too, because I think it’s reaching a significant level: my sense is that if I do more than I did this week it would interfere with running.

Yesterday: 11 miles.

Today: 6 miles.

This week: 34 miles.

(Cycling: 76km)

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