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Hill sprints and more cycling

13 April, 2010

Back-to-back sessions are not something I often mess with, especially this close to a goal race, but I think it’s okay when one of those sessions is a long run (and the long run is not excessive). Therefore, yesterday I did some hill sprints — 5×30-31s on 37th between Ontario and Manitoba. This is the first hill-work I’ve done this year, and I’ve never done much of it anyway, so it’s the sort of workout that you expect to yield instant and tangible results, even though it was not exhaustive.

Similarly, I’ve noticed that my cycling (30km this evening) is getting easier as I repeat the half marathon route each week in preparation for the BMO event. Running is getting to the point where any progress takes more and more effort and training. That doesn’t diminish its appeal, but I’d almost forgotten how gratifying it is to see that rapid, early improvement.

Yesterday: 6 miles.

Today: 0 miles (30km cycling).

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