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Dark side of the force

11 April, 2010

My thoughts for much of this week were around how to hold myself back on this race, how not to go all out. There were a handful of people that put in a good race today in the 80-85 minute range, and I’m sure that I would really have enjoyed being a part of that mêlée, but my goal remains in the 10k. This morning, I finally allowed the dark side of the force to gain control:

First of all, to any runner who’s yet to race in costume, I highly recommend they do at some point in their running life. It felt awesome to have so many people yell ‘GO Darth!’, the cars honking, and so on. That said, wearing a plastic box on your head with just a small breathing hole might not be a part of the ideal costume. But I survived.

I would like to say more about the scenery of the Sunshine Coast course, but sadly most of my external focus during the race was on not wandering into the roadway (my vision, as well as breathing, was restricted). However, the awesome vista of the mountains at the finish line in Sechelt more than compensated for any suffering during the run, as did the great company of Vancouver runners.

Yesterday: 0 miles.

Today: 13 miles.

This week: 31 miles.

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