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Another dilemma

31 March, 2010

How to approach the Fool’s Run on the 11th? A fellow Lions Gater has asked me to pace him for a 4:00 km. I expressed doubt at the time that this would fit with my training plans, which, as it stands, is to do the first ten miles at an easy pace and kick the last 3.1 at goal 10k pace. The problem is that this approach is going to net me a time of, perhaps, 1:27:30 at best. That’s going to take a good deal of self-control, as there are people on the list that I would like to race against. I’ve never before entered a race without the intention of giving it a 100% honest effort — that’s what a race is, in my book. That said, an all-out race is definitely going to mess with my plans for the 10k, while a 4:00/km pace is sadly in a training no-man’s land — too fast for easy, not fast enough to be considered a useful threshold run. Also, self-control is a quality that, based on the last race, I would do well to cultivate.

This is the third day in a row without any running, and I’m definitely feeling ready to get back to it. Last night I went for a 20km bike ride with the Vancouver Marathon cycle escort team, for which I’m volunteering this year. I’m expecting to be on the half marathon route. Before we got started, I was chatting to one of the race directors, and apparently there’s going to be a solid elite field lining up at the start with a handful of runners looking to finish sub-65 (he wouldn’t give me names, though). That’s 20 km/h, on average. According to one of the experienced cyclists on the escort team, it’s not unusual for the front pack to take the big hill going up to Prospect Point at 18 km/h. I tried maintaining this pace on my bike and struggled. Perhaps if I’d been wearing more appropriate (less) clothing I could have managed it, but it’s amazing to think that people run up the hill that fast. (Also, I realized today that my rear wheel is very slightly buckled and has been rubbing on the brake-pad, which didn’t help).

The week so far: 0 miles.

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  1. Ray permalink
    31 March, 2010 10:05 pm

    Who wants you to pace them at 4:00/km? That’s some serious pace and will get you under 1:25. My best is 1:28:00 and I’m looking forward to my next one to bring it down a bit 🙂 Good luck with whatever strategy you employ!

  2. 1 April, 2010 10:19 am

    Thanks, Ray! Have you signed-up for a half? What’s next for you?

    That would be Jon aiming at 4:00/km…I think he can go under 1:20, maybe quite a bit faster, but it’s his first race since H.S. middle distance…if you ask me, I reckon he’ll go through 10k in about 39 or 40 and pick it up to finish around 1:20.

  3. Ray permalink
    1 April, 2010 12:09 pm

    I’m leaving for Boston in 2 weeks, then the Sun Run after that. Then there are so many events it makes your head spin. I’m looking at the 5 Peaks Series possibly, maybe the Scotia Half, maybe UBC triathlon – would love to do Iron Knee again. In the fall looking at Pikes Peak Ascent, Vancouver Tri Olympic and ideally a 50m before the year is out if I can find one.

    Good luck pacing Jon if you do. I’m with you – he can do 1:20 for sure.

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