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Dave Reed Spring Classic 5k

27 March, 2010

Conditions were race-perfect this morning, cool and grey, but dry, which may have added to the pre-race tension and sense of expectation. Fortunately, I ran into an occasional running buddy, and the company helped me feel a little less nervous. I’ve yet to see the final result and forgot to stop my watch, but I doubt that it was faster, and was possibly a little slower than the 5k I ran two weeks ago. This is slightly disappointing as I feel that I’m in better shape, if anything.

Now for the excuses post-race analysis.

1. No timing chip. I understand that the organizers were let down by the timing company. This isn’t really a big deal for a race this size, but the main issue is that if there is only the gun time to go by, then there is no incentive for people to start in roughly the position at which they can realistically expect to finish. Therefore, I found myself weaving around a couple of dozen people who were probably running at about a 20 minute pace.

2.I went out too fast. This is related to number one. With everybody racing for the starting line, this adds to the stampede mentality. The start of a race should be about focussing on relaxing into a pace that is, if anything, slightly slower than the goal pace. By contrast, I reached the 1km mark in 3:26, and the first mile was 5:30! In principle I can accept that it’s better to run straight and steady while waiting for the crowd to thin out, but in practice this is not easy to implement.

3.The course was identical to the St.Patrick’s 5k, with the sole difference being the location of the start line, which was a little farther along. This means that the ‘hilly’ section (very small hills) was entirely in the first mile. Add this to the rabbit-like start, and you can see why I sagged in the midsection!

4. Leading up to the race this week, my training load was slightly higher than that before the last race.

Despite all that, I managed to finish strong. Hell, I was on my toes ‘sprinting’, no less. A minor disappointment overall as I probably won’t get another crack at this distance this season, but not a goal race and so a timely lesson in pacing.

Update: the results are in, gun time 17:26. This is actually two seconds less than the gun time for St.Patrick’s 5k!

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  1. Ray permalink
    27 March, 2010 1:08 pm

    17:26! That’s nothing to be disappointed about. Now you have me inspired to try for my 17:59 at some point this year πŸ™‚ Looks like you beat Jim’s time and almost got Mark too! Something to talk about at the next LGRR AGM.

    You’ll notice that there are 3 or more races each year that use this same BC Athletics measured course, and also includes Brewskidaddle later in the year – if you want to try again.

    Tell me about the chip part… the timing company just didn’t give them out? My sister works for RHQ, so I’m always interested in timing mishaps πŸ˜› Maybe an opportunity for RHQ to steal the race. hah.

  2. 27 March, 2010 1:47 pm

    It’s more the lack of self-control from the gun that was disappointing. No big deal. I see Mark Francis (the only other Lions Gate Runner, as far as I can tell) ran sub-17 this time!

    Brewskidaddle looks interesting, I’ll have to work out whether it clashes with RVM, one of my favourite events.

    What a VFAC member told me re:chips — the timing company are in the midst of upgrading their technology from ankle to disposable chips and somehow this event fell through the cracks…not a great excuse, if you ask me. Seems as though if there’s any kind of a company that should be well-organized and well-prepared it would be a timing company.


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