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Another dose of 12x200m (200 recovery)

23 March, 2010

I’ve reached a point in my training where pretty much the only time me legs aren’t giving me gyp are after a couple miles warm-up. Walking downstairs, jogging or walking to the bus or the library, walking upstairs — it feels like my legs are going to snap or something! But I must be getting stronger because the workout today, 12x200m with 200m recoveries, felt easier and was faster (all repeats were under 35s, all but three under 34s) than the last time I tried it, two weeks ago. And this despite feeling groggy beforehand and the discomfort of eating too soon before working out.

Now, I might sound smug but when it all comes together — you know you can’t train any harder or something’s going to give, yet the results are tangible — a solo effort such as this is as rewarding or more so than a good race. In a race there are obviously other people to run against as well as the clock, the game of it all or the extra jolt from the ego, the shame of being overtaken by a borderline porker or OAP, the glory of outrunning a wearer of compression socks etc. That’s all icing on the cake that hours and hours of training have baked (which would make today’s workout the jam between layers /end tired metaphor).

Yesterday, nought.
Today, 7 miles (including warm-up/cool-down).

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