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Long run ‘unfueled’

21 March, 2010

During my long run today, I made the spontaneous decision not to start refueling until the end of the run. The received wisdom seems to be that race preparations, even for distances as short as 10k, should include a run of 90 minutes to two hours. Why? Presumably this is something to do with the mobilization of fat stores as energy source, as it is around 90 minutes that this process really starts to kick in. However, this must also be a factor when running much shorter distances at a higher intensity. As Matt Fitzgerald has pointed out, by refueling during our long runs, we suffer less but compromise the training of this energy system.

I always carry fuel if I’m going for more than an hour — this is by far my longest ‘unfueled’ run, and predictably enough the going wasn’t easy, especially between 1:15 and 1:35. Strangely, the last five or ten minutes were not too bad.

Today: ~14miles.
This week: 42.5 miles.

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