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Goals revisited

17 March, 2010

Having set a new goal for the 5k the other day, I must admit to being a little dubious about the wisdom of having more than one running goal at a time. I have no regrets about Saturday’s race, the distance is short enough that no significant detour from 10k training was required, and the outcome has increased my confidence re:my ability to pace myself and reach the 10k goal.

Having said that, yesterday I was really too tired to commit to a session. This isn’t a big deal, as I’ve also been fighting off a cold: What I’m trying to get at, though, is I’ve realized that to set more than one goal, within such a narrow endeavour as running, I need to set some kind of hierarchy, or time-line, of goals — or risk falling short on all of them.

So, my priority is still the 10k which is what I’ve been working towards, but I’m going to upgrade the target to 35:30. This might be slightly overambitious for a short-term goal, but the 5k at the weekend was more or less equivalent to a 36:00 10k, and endurance has always been more of a strength for me than raw speed. After I get there, and depending on what remains of the season, I shall set a goal either for the half or 5k. But first things first!

Some miles for the bank: yesterday, 8 miles. Today: 5 miles.

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