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Another day off

15 March, 2010

Well, this is the third day of rest out of the last five, although this weekend was fairly productive with a race and a long run. I’m also fighting something off after weeks of being coughed on by most of Vancouver and visitors from elsewhere. I’m hoping if I rest then it will go away.

As I’m coming to the end of this phase of training, and racing season approaches, it’s a good time to look back over the last few weeks. As you can see from the chart, I’m pretty well back to where I was re: volume, and I’ve picked up the quality somewhat also.

I actually find this chart encouraging. Even though the added volume that was the main cause of becoming injured was less than 5% above what I should have done, if I had stopped to think about it (too busy running) I could quite easily have realized that an extra two or three miles at the end of the long run just wasn’t worth it. That’s to say that the line we walk in training without overtraining is a fine one, but I’m at the point now where I can see it coming.

Now I have races on alternate weekends right up to the Sun Run (although the Half Marathon is going to be more a fast-finish/progressive effort than an all-out race) . To start with I will try maintaining the current volume for non-racing weeks, while backing off a little during race weeks. The emphasis though will be on completing hard workouts, tinkering with the top-end speed, and I will sacrifice volume if necessary.

Today: 0 miles.
Yesterday: 12.5 miles.
Last week: 33 miles.

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