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St.Patrick’s 5k

13 March, 2010

So very often in road races, I wonder what exactly the corporate sponsors are there for, what they provide, why they are necessary. By contrast, the St.Patrick’s day 5k, as one of the first races in the season, sets a standard to which other races would do well to aspire. The sponsors are generally unobtrusive, yet stand out by what they give back — Urban Fare with their yummy stew, Granville Island and their pint glasses, BMO and their gloves (just in time, my old ones were setting the standard for grody). This race offers exceptional value and a great atmosphere, kudos to the organizers.

The course itself is quite nice too. It’s not all that flat, but it felt fast anyway. The start line, in my humble opinion, is a little too narrow for the depth and breadth of field, but that actually worked in my favour as it held me back from going out too fast. I was aiming for 17:30, a 3:30/km pace, and at the 2km I was at 7:03. After this point there were a couple of small hills, hillocks perhaps, and I managed to kick them and overtake quite a few runners without getting caught on the negative gradients.

For the final 2k along the seawall, I mostly maintained my position and pace, tussling with one or two others, who put up a good fight. At this stage it seems that the people finishing around me have a better kick. Typically, I would need to start a surge a little earlier, therefore. In this case I was prevented from doing so by some tactical maneuvering. Nevertheless, I put in a negative split gaining about 8 seconds for the second half. The clock read 17:24, I believe, less perhaps a second or two for the chip time.

A good result for me. I actually took two full days off before this race, without even recovery-pace running. This might seem an excessive taper for a relatively unimportant 5k, but my calf was a little tweaky after Tuesday’s workout, and it made sense to make this week one of recovery, overall. I feel now less apprehensive about this distance than I once did (I have to admit to once suspecting that running this intensively might cause my heart to explode), so I’m going to update my goals: sub-17:00 5k by the end of the year.

Wednesday: 5 miles
Today: 5 miles (with warmup and cool-down).

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  1. Ray permalink
    13 March, 2010 1:47 pm

    Nice Tim! You even smoked Dario by a few seconds (he’s in our club by the way). My goal for this year is to run sub-18:00 for the 5k and that’s a pretty tall order based on where I was last year. First I need to crank out this 50k on the weekend 🙂

    • 13 March, 2010 2:16 pm

      Thanks. Yes, it’s my first time wearing club colours ‘in anger’, as it were. Good luck with the 50k! Are you going to run the Sunshine Coast half next month? We already have Dario, Jon and myself on board…if we had you and, say, Morteza or Sean, that would complete a great team!

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