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4 March, 2010

Perhaps it’s a good thing that my hard training now manifests itself as generalized fatigue rather than a specific injury. At least this should resolve itself more quickly than, say, a muscle tear. It’s also true that I did today’s speed session alone, which perhaps increases the perception of fatigue, and, of course, there’s no-one to chase. Compared to the last time I did 3×1 mile repeats, today was a good deal slower (5:38, 5:38, 5:42), although the recovery was also shorter at just 90 seconds, as compared to a full 400m jog.

I backed off the speed session last week, but the volume was good. Next weekend, I’m planning for a 5k race, and from that point on it’s nearly race season, which will probably mean a little less volume, and a little more intensity. Therefore, next week will be an easy week. I’m saying it now so I have to (not) do it. If you’re one of the people I run with in Vancouver and you see me doing some balls-to-the-wall workout, please, for the love of god, clothesline me or something! I may do a couple of klicks here and there at goal 5k pace (goal of 17:30), but that will be all.

Yesterday: 5 miles.
Today: 6.5 miles.

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