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A half and change

28 February, 2010

Just before I completed my long run today, while approaching the 0k mark on the seawall, the first goal was scored and the city exploded like an echo of the nine o’clock gun gone atomic. At least, it was the first goal that I knew about. I had just assumed that the gold medal hockey game would start later, though I wasn’t surprised, as there had been so few people in Stanley Park. By the time I got home regulation time was up, and I got to watch the last few minutes and the Crosby decider. In any event, I doubt that I’m physiologically capable of withstanding the drama of a full game such as a USA-Canada final.

I ran a similar route today, from Science World to 2nd beach, a loop of Bridle-Rawlings, then the lesser (but still hilly) loop of Bridle-Lake-Rawlings, and the 8k to where Stanley Park meets Coal Harbour. My legs felt very heavy for a while, but raisins saved the day, and I managed to kick the last 2k in slightly over 8 minutes.

Yesterday: 4.7 miles.
Today: 13.2 miles.
This week: 40 miles.

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