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Mental hygiene

24 February, 2010

Last night’s tempo on the track was the first time I’ve run under 30 minutes for 8 kilometres (29:43), and also the first time in a long while that I’ve run a personal best in a time trial, rather than a race. To be fair, the last time I raced an 8k was two years ago, and my {ahem} strategy entailed kicking the first kilometre in 3:30. Incredibly, I’d been given complimentary ‘elite’ entry, and having been pitted against the likes of Osaduik and Ryan Hayden, succumbed to the pressure for a flying start.

Nevertheless, a solo effort does take a certain amount of determination. I’m not an expert on meditation, but it has something in common with running hard. It requires some level of mental hygiene — there’s no room for the incessant, repetitive mental chatter that plagues the mind all day long, which just takes up too much energy. Indulge in that and watch the seconds added to every lap, or douse them in oxygen and watch them ignite against the incandescent core of volition. For me this an easy choice, made very quickly, when the object is to complete every lap under 90 seconds!

Yesterday: 7 miles (total).
Today: 3 miles.

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