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20 February, 2010

Paradoxically, my practice of running has taught me something about patience. Perhaps it is because I didn’t start until I was nearly 29 years old, and have sometimes felt that I have some catching up to do, rather than just enjoying where I’m at (which I do usually, to be fair).

It’s the flip side of acceptance, in a way. I’m at a point in the season where my base phase is pretty much over, and although a good chunk of it was wasted because of the calf problems, I’m now moving on to the next phase, concentrating on stamina and speed. That means that the focus of training is all about recovering for the next hard workout, and the intervening runs are all easy, all about recovery. Though I like running hard and pushing myself (I’m in the habit of running a bit faster during easy runs than I ‘should’), it’s not so bad with the beautiful weather we’re having here.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a slight recurrence of the runner’s knee for the first time since the half marathon races last year. I think this is probably just due to an increased load. I’ve backed off the pace the last couple of days, and I’m resolving as of now not to run easy sessions any faster than 7:24/mile. This would usually feel slow, but I have to concentrate on recovering between hard workouts while staying injury free.

Yesterday: 5 miles
Today: 4 miles.

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