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Tempo Tuesday

16 February, 2010

I took my tempo run today to the track. Although it’s easier — and more fun — running a decent workout with company, I find it very hard to maintain a useful pace when there is traffic and a route to negotiate (which is what I’ve been attempting for the last couple of weeks).

There’s nothing like a good tempo run for clearing the mind. And the lungs, and just about anything else that might not be clear, for that matter. For example, I nearly clarified what I had for lunch for fellow track users, but thankfully that information remained obscure. I was aiming to start a little slower than 6:00/mile pace and finish a little faster, and, except for the first and last lap (1:22 and 1:18 respectively), every lap was 1:30 ± 2 seconds, so I’m pretty happy with the consistency.

Including warm-up and cool-down, I ran about 6 miles (with a tempo portion of 7.2k in 26:46, or 5:59 per mile).

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