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The long way

14 February, 2010

Finally, a long run above ten miles for the first time since January 10th. I don’t really consider a run of less than ten miles to be long, so it feels good to be getting back on track. Starting from Science World, I followed the seawall along False Creek, past English Bay to 2nd beach, from where I did a trail loop of Bridle-Rawlings. This trail has a very steep section over about 400 metres. It’s been a little while since I really tackled any hills, figuring that they would have aggravated the problems I’ve been having with my calves, so it felt really great to be able to stretch them out.

Even though it’s the longest I’ve run for a while, it didn’t feel at all stressful. The sun came out, and the tourists seemed to be quite considerate and aware of their surroundings, for a change. It’s funny, since I’ve started running with other people, I usually see a friendly face or two now when I go out for a run, even when it’s by myself. I’m liking Vancouver!

Yesterday:4 miles
Today: 10.5 miles
This week: 35 miles

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