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Sweet tooth

10 February, 2010

Perhaps the last of the bad habits, I’ve found depriving my sweet tooth almost as hard as it was to give up cigarettes. For one thing, runners need energy, and sugar (or fructose-glucose/corn syrup) is but a metabolic process from being pure energy, so it’s not directly antithetical to running in the way that smoking is. Not only that, but it’s the most socially acceptable of all commonly abused substances. I may not count myself among their number these days (well, excepting the blue moon), but at least smokers don’t dress up their addiction as something that’s healthy or wholesome. On the other hand, not only is sugar added to nearly all packaged foods (including table salt, fer crissake), we somehow allow Coca-cola to sponsor the Olympics! There is something very wrong with this scenario.

Now, those who know me on the physical plane will know that I’m not in danger of breaking the scales anytime soon, and it’s true that I don’t put on weight easily. But that doesn’t mean that the stuff hasn’t been slowly killing me, if you could see the amount of junk food I can put away then you would understand. Recently I came across the concept of glycolized hemoglobin, and all the nasty side-effects that are associated with this leading up to full-blown diabetes mellitus. Be that as it may, I’m more certain that sugar has also been a factor in the anxiety I’ve suffered from in the past, depleting, as it does, reserves of B vitamins. The situation is improving, though. I’m down to one teaspoon of the raw stuff on my morning oats, less than a litre of fruit juice per week, and the occasional splurge (quite literally) on a McDon’t milkshake. Candy I resist on a day-to-day basis. But last night I noticed omega-3 is being added to fruit juice, and I expect calcium and vitamins will be added to soft drinks soon enough, so the fight continues.

Last night, I ran roughly ten miles (including warm-up and cool-down), of which about 10.5km was at a decent pace. It was supposed to be a little less distance, but I took a wrong turn after going out on a limb from the group with whom I was running. Today is definitely an easy day.

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