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Back to the dreadmill

8 February, 2010

I’ve been feeling somewhat disinclined to blog about running over the last couple of days. Perhaps this is because my body is adapting to the realization that it’s back to building up for races. Not that last week was particularly high mileage, but I did (for the first time ever!) complete all three of what is often considered to be the triad of a weekly plan: a long run (well, 9.5 miles), tempo (about 6 miles, on Tuesday) and the Thursday’s possibly breakthrough workout.

The only exercise I did on Friday was a little cycling to get the blood flowing, and on Saturday it was such a beautiful day that I decided to put all chores on hold and head for the hills. I ran for about half an hour in the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, then walked for about an hour. There were so many people (and dogs), that I actually found it a little difficult maintaining pace, akin to Stanley Park seawall on a weekend afternoon in the summer. Realizing that my legs were still in recovery mode, I opted just to walk and enjoy the wealth of the forest.

Yesterday was a fairly non-descript longish run, about 9.5 miles in just over an hour through the drizzle of Spanish Bank and Jericho/Kits beaches through to Cambie and Broadway, finishing with a beeline for the B-line. Vancouver saw another gorgeous day today, and I found myself inexplicably in the gym — but I’d rather lose a run in the sun now and then if it means not getting injured in the longer term. How very sensible of me.

Last week ~29 miles
Today 4 miles.

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