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3 x 800m, 2 sets

4 February, 2010

An unknown quantity for me, the 800m repeats, and it’s possible I went out a bit fast. Although I managed to maintain a fairly even pacing overall (2:37ish on average, with a range of about 5 seconds), it was easily the most intensive workout for me this year. The final lap I was wheezing almost like an old geyser, but I managed to hang on somehow. It’s a bit frustrating when other users of the venue wander around in the inner lane, but then again, they pushed my buttons, the go-faster ones, and I did that particular lap in 1:14, which is pretty fast by my standards.

Yesterday, I walked on eggshells (well, the opposite of tiptoes, but just as careful) out of consideration for my calf muscles, and jogged exactly one block. Funnily enough, the left one now complains only when I’m walking. I’m really surprised that I didn’t have to pull back today, but this is great news. Right now, I somehow feel both supercharged as well as very tired, and will probably fall asleep halfway through my dinner.

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