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Mile intervals

29 January, 2010

At the track last night, we did a variation on mile repeats, with a mini-recovery of 200m halfway through each mile. This actually worked very well for me, as it allowed me to assess my hotspots and the effect of speed on them — it’s easy for an injury to creep up on you when you’re concentrating on speed. It felt very good to be running a bit faster again. I am so fortunate to be able to run. The first couple presented almost no problem, but towards the end of the second mile my calf started tightening up so I jogged for the rest of the workout.

It’s early yet, but I can’t help but start thinking about races coming up. Seeing as my only goal for the time-being is in the 10k, I will probably sign up for the Times Colonist event in Victoria. It’s a big race, not quite as big as the Sun Run, but there should be lots of fast Victorians to chase. And, psychologically, I think that it’s a good idea to spread goals over more than one possible event. Also, there’s the Dave Reed 5k coming up at the end of March. Judging from the inaugural event (or was it just renamed) last year, there was another good turnout of speedsters, and the course looks to be nice and flat. There is the Lions Gate Road Runners’ Shaughnessy 8k to round it out, though I may now have obligations re: helping with the setup etc., I’ll have to find out.

Options for a False Creek run are pretty limited right now, due to all the security fencing, but I may go for a jaunt around the neighbourhood this evening.

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