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Mildly envious

25 January, 2010

Don’t get me wrong, though I’ve never lived anywhere else as a runner, it’s hard to imagine a better place than Vancouver. Having said that, this city leaves something to be desired compared to Victoria and the Capital Regional District. When you take a look at the depth of competition and the number of races, the Island is simply inspiring. Apparently there is a skiing (sp?) meet or something happening in Vancouver quite soon, which has pushed everything back, even the Sun Run, but still…this winter I would almost prefer to be over there, with races seemingly every weekend.

Of course, organizing a race would never have been possible for this time of year in Vancouver — even the PRR First Half has been cancelled. One thing I would like to see eventually though in Vancouver is a ‘Beastside 5k’. A halloween-themed road race loop starting and finishing in Oppenheimer Park (‘Just Don’t Look Back’). Now organizing a race in the Downtown Eastside might be a challenge — if not a logistical nightmare — but if we can coordinate it with the James Cunningham Seawall race, why the hell not? It’s about time East Van got a look in.proposed eastside race route

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