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24 January, 2010

Where would we be without potatoes? I just don’t know. Probably not North America, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take a whole university department and a Times bestseller to conclusively link the potato to the rise of empires. Winter would not be the same without the potato. If I were stuck on an island and I could take only one food, well, it might be pumpkin on the basis that you have the fruit as well as the exquisite seeds. But I’d be miserable without potatoes, especially if the island were cold and windy.

It might not have been in the original recipe, but I realized today that the potato makes a salade niçoise, the new ultimate recovery meal. But I wouldn’t complain over a plate of potatoes with potato sauce.

Today, I ran 36 minutes on the track and I’m edging back to normal. Maybe I will even start blogging about running again! Last week: ~6 miles, this week: ~16 miles.

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