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Another track, another twenty minutes

22 January, 2010

I’d somehow forgotten about China Creek North park, barely half a mile from where I live. There used to be some kind of velodrome here made with wooden planks, but now it’s little more than a mudtrack, with some sections of bark, straw and woodchips. If it weren’t at the bottom of the hill then I could imagine the well-tamped earth (is it maybe even a little red?) being in Iten, Kenya. The drainage isn’t great, I have no idea how long the loop is, and it’s a little too near the Great Northern Way for my liking, but at least the surface is forgiving. Also, there’s a good set of calisthenic-type furniture around the edges (monkey bars, sit-up planks etc.) for a bit of variety and cross-training.

The nice thing is that it’s close enough if I suddenly have a problem that I can bail without having to freeze waiting for a bus (not that that’s ever actually happened). I can’t believe I’d forgotten about this! I may even try getting there early in the morning, to see how the traffic is at that time of day.

Another twenty easy minutes today.

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