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More coping strategies

19 January, 2010

With the benefit of hindsight, it’s clear to me now that I was pushing too hard in my training. Considering that speedwork is relatively unknown to my body, expecting it to recover from weekly bouts of the stuff was probably a little much. But to suddenly have to stop running entirely was hard mentally.

After some reflection I decided to take a leaf, so to speak, out of the book of my Ficus benjamina, or Princess Benjamina, as I sometimes call her. Over my life I’ve been responsible for perhaps two dozen plants, and sadly most of them have died. The ones that haven’t died have thrived, and they happen to have been (perhaps not coincidentally) the ones that I not only care for but also care about. The ficus, being one of these, is also a particularly interesting plant. As well as being so purdy, its metabolism is apparently unable to adjust to slight changes in light levels. In response to being moved across the room, or even just being rotated too far, the plant sheds almost all leaves before gradually growing new ones.

Similarly, a chronic muscle tear, caught early, is a tiny problem over the long term. I don’t even expect that, by itself, it will interfere with my short term running goals. But in order to get through it my running must temporarily become almost entirely dormant. I’ve used the time to fight off a cold (great timing) thrown in with bouts of walking. Also, I finally made by bike roadworthy again, including calibrating the odometer — long and boring story, don’t ask — which means that I can measure out a whole new set of running routes for the coming year, as I recover.

Twenty minutes very easy today. Better than nothing!


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