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10 January, 2010

I’m typing this with a pack of frozen peas strapped around my left calf. The pain is not too bad though, and it’s probably just a small muscle tear, of the chronic variety, that gradually appeared starting around 5km from the end of my long run. Starting from Science World, I ran along the seawall to Second beach, a trail loop of Bridal-Rawlings (painful hill, but worth it to see some of the regeneration after the storm from a couple of years ago), followed by a loop of the seawall back to Second beach and finishing at the 9km marker in English bay. About 13 miles.

A minor setback, but it should be okay after a couple of easy days. I felt quite at home hobbling onto the Beach Avenue bus with the geriatric community afterward (‘oh…now, what happened to you?’). Somehow I just put in a 47 mile week, looking back! This is really too much too soon, and it’s not all that surprising that an injury has appeared.

The good news is that I experimented with fueling with dates today, and it turns out my stomach can take at least 2 dates per 3 km without any problem (for an easy pace). This is great news for the long term, because it means that my stomach may not be the limitation, for distances of the marathon and beyond, that I had previously thought it would be.

If you’re wondering why I use miles and kilometres, it’s because I grew up with miles, but live now in a place where the kilometre is king. Sorry for the confusion. I am gradually getting better with kilometres, but overall mileage is still, well, mileage.

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  1. 11 January, 2010 4:43 am


    The dates thing really works, i’ve used them before a marathon i did in Florence in november and during a few LSR’s in preparation for it – definitely easier on your system than gels alone. Look after that calf and keep up the good work!

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