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Down the ladder

7 January, 2010

And up in smoke. That’s how it felt to me by the end of this particular crescendo:
1600m in 5:41
1200 4:05
800 2:35
400 1:10
200 30 seconds,
with a 400m recovery jog between each, and 30 blocks cooldown on the way home (daily total ~6 miles including warmup). The coach couldn’t make it, so the workout was ad-hoc and the instructions somewhat vague. In any event, with a good turnout after the holiday break and a pack fueled by resolutions, restraint was probably never going to make a strong showing. I felt myself being pulled along by the guys at the front, and was glad that there were at least a couple of runners faster than me.

I love running fast(er than I usually do) sometimes, but I am definitely not a sprinter! It certainly seemed as though I’d set myself up for one. Even as my eyebrows were singed by the afterburn of the sprinters swarming around and ahead of me, I began to suffer from that ‘I’m going to die’ sensation. It’s incredible to think that there are people who can sustain this pace for a mile!

My left hamstring has been pretty stiff and sore all week, but strangely it actually feels pretty good right now. It just needed a little ‘stretching’, that’s all. I can tell my quads might be trashed tomorrow, but that’s okay: they’re (relatively) big boys, they can handle it.

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