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Spanish Bank Sunday

3 January, 2010

The holiday season wasn’t much for me this year, but I still managed to put away disgusting amounts of chips, chocolate, and beer. Predictably enough I felt kind of rough as the run progressed and my long-suffering liver dumped all manner of toxic metabolites into my bloodstream. The plan was to run for ninety minutes, just a little farther than my routes over the last few weeks.

I have to admit that I really wasn’t looking forward to my run this morning. Perhaps because of the lack of speedwork this week as well as the junk food, I woke up feeling sluggish and didn’t get going till lunchtime. I couldn’t face the same old long run that I’ve being doing for the last few weeks, so I took the bus out to UBC and ran around the campus a little before descending the hill to Spanish Bank. The stretch between Spanish Bank and Jericho beach is, for me, the best bit of waterfront that Vancouver has to offer, and you can rubberneck the unimpeded view of the seismic pile-up that is the north shore mountains, while running along the mostly gravel path. There is also a lot more space than other waterfront paths, so even though it gets busy the crowds aren’t too much of a bother.

I’m not sure of the exact distance, but I got to my front door exactly ninety minutes after a loop of science world and Cambie bridge and home via Fraser and 12th.

About 12 1/2 miles today, and a weekly total of 40 1/2 miles.

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