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Concrete Canyon

1 January, 2010

An easy eight and a half miles, starting near the underpass at Georgia Street, where Stanley Park ‘begins’, and around the seawall along to Science World. There is something brutalizing about this last mile after Yaletown, and it’s not just due to my habit of trying to kick the end of every run. Perhaps it’s because this is where the majority of my routes, especially long runs, end, or because not only the Sun Run, but also the BMO events finish around here. Certainly pain is built into the muscle memory of this area, as it were.

But it’s more than that. What were the urban planners thinking when they worked this one out? With two stadiums, a casino, a pair of flyovers, and some car park, it’s hard to believe that urban planning was a part of the process at all. Could there really have been malevolent intention behind the monolithic effect, or was it just a complete lack of forethought and consideration for future human beings? Concrete seems to sprawl without end, and you can’t help feeling tiny running past or through these manmade canyons. The result is that people are excluded from the wasteland below (unless you’re parking your car to go see the Canucks play). Perhaps there was a competition to try to outdo the mountains, but I wish that they’d tried that particular experiment just a little farther north.

I had a good run anyway. If I get to see the ocean, pacifying as it is, it’s a good day. Only in Vancouver will you see so many people out for a run while the rain pours down first thing on a New Year’s day. Similarly, on xmas, I’d never seen so many people running on my six-mile loop of the neighbourhood.

Happy New Year, to all of you!

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  1. 2 January, 2010 7:14 am

    You run in interesting places. I’d like to visit Vancouver some day to experience this on my own 🙂

    Have a happy new year!

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