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More finishing chute, anybody?

31 December, 2009
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Something must be happening in this town. For about two years now everywhere I go they have lovely skyblue fences. It’s as though we’re getting a rather special sneak peak of the end of the Sun Run. All the smelly old buildings, that breakfast joint, those mexican places, the coffee shop (what else was there now? Anyone remember?) miraculously burn down or are pulled down, while train stations with nice shiny tubes that recede into the ground are put up down the street. I don’t even need to think about where I’m going because everywhere is fenced off. Blocks and streets and sidewalks.

Life in Vancouver is just one big finishing chute — no wonder we all have these plastered care-free grins. And thank the little baby jesus that those two thousand unfortunates finally found homes. I’d like to go in that shop now…ok, more finishing chute. We’re still a part of this parade I guess. What’s that horrible sound up ahead, I don’t like that, perhaps I’ll just cut through…more finishing chute…good job officer, I’ll see you back at the…more finishing chute…but, I don’t even live down this tunnel…more finishing chute…that’s not gold…more finishing chute…but, why…more finishing chute.

We really should all be getting a little more sleep in such a quiet town, must be the eternal sunshine, right?

mural courtesy Jesse Corcoran

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