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Rest and Reflection

26 December, 2009

The audiobook I was listening to has played itself out. At nearly seven hours, it lasts longer than a 50k, but not as long as a 50 miler. I am speculating here — it was compelling enough that I didn’t have to run these distances and I also listened while washing the dishes and on the bus.

It was no surprise to discover that this book was mostly written on the run, and it is easy to imagine Mr.Karnazes speaking into a dictaphone on the road. Apart from the steady cadence of his prose, the tone also seems to match the highs and lows experienced during the protracted effort of an endurance event. Though the hyperbole that early on I found to be engaging soon lost its novelty, the writer is not only an extreme athlete but also a Californian, so I forgave him and persevered. Also, either the effect of it wore off as the book progressed, or he tempered a tendency toward overstatement. If it wasn’t due to the narrator, then perhaps it was something to do with his gradual switch from pizza to pedialyte over the course of a two hundred mile relay race he takes on single-handedly in California, an event which marks both the start and the end of the book. In any event, the pattern matches quite nicely what any runner feels over the course of a well-executed race — ideally, you’re totally spent by the end of it.

©Tim K Adkins

Listening to all the talk about eating reminded me of how the enjoyment of food took on a whole new dimension while I was training for the marathon last year. It’s still a little early to be looking that far ahead, but, assuming that I can maintain a base of 40+ miles per week over the next six months, I’m edging closer to making the decision to run in a fall marathon, probably Victoria, but maybe even New York if I can swing it.  My first attempt was brutal enough that I vowed not to go back to it until I was truly ready, but I’m  coming up to a 40 mile week in the off-season, and I feel good, so another one is on the horizon.

A day of rest, zero miles.

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