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5x1k at Beaver Lake

24 December, 2009

This morning I woke up really not inspired to do any speedwork. Of course, this is the time when you just have to lace up and head out. It helped that the condos next door were undergoing some kind of basement exhaust process, which was nearly as loud as a helicopter taking off and drove me out of the apartment.

I took the bus and headed out to Stanley Park for 5×1 kilometre repeats around Beaver Lake, with 2 minute recovery jogs. The first one was a little too fast, as usual, but I leveled off quite nicely (3:26, 3:32, 3:32, 3:30, 3:30), for an average of 3:30/km. Though it’s definitely easier doing speedwork when you know that other people around you are suffering in the same way, Beaver Lake is a good alternative for a solitary effort. It does tend to attract large, sprawling groups of people who forget they are basically still in the city, and neglect to consider the needs of others on the trail, but today it wasn’t too bad at all.

My toe isn’t getting any worse, but hasn’t improved either. It has occurred to me that in fact both pairs of trainers are too far gone and need to be replaced. The Inspire Vs are six months old, the Inspire IVs over a year. The latter pair probably have at least 700 miles on them, and the newer ones must be coming up to 500, although I haven’t been keeping track. Some people say you should replace your shoes every three to five hundred miles, but very often those people are also selling those shoes. It seems to me that lighter runners would also get more mileage, and, at 142lbs, I can probably get away with it. I could just be rationalizing not letting go of the Inspire IVs, which are the best fitting pair of running shoes, or possibly any shoes, that I’ve ever had.

It was too fine a day in Stanley Park to head straight back to the bus stop, so I extended my cooldown for a daily total of around six miles.

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