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18 December, 2009

An easy loop of the seawall in Stanley Park, before lunch (but not too much before), on a weekday. How much better than that can it get? There was a little wind on the east side, but nothing too troubling. I’m going to call it six miles, even though it’s supposed to be 10k. What I thought were the last two kilometres I covered in 6:05 — I kicked it a little, but not like that! Six might even be generous, and I must be taking a shortcut somewhere.

Though I did feel as though I were getting sick earlier in the week, I recall now that when I was at this low thirties weekly mileage, at the end of 2007, I actually had less energy and felt more worn out than I did subsequently after adding an extra ten miles or so per week. There is a comfortable pace that we measure in miles per hour, or minutes per kilometre and so on, but there is also the bigger picture. It seems counterintuitive, but higher mileage can actually be a little easier. Something to do with commitment, perhaps.

There’s a whole bunch of music that I normally can’t listen to when running (though I’d like to), either because it takes too much concentration to listen while running, and/or it’s just the wrong tempo. For example:

It’s the same with writing. I’m not a sprinter, and I think I would find it very difficult to limit myself to 50 or 100 words per day (let alone the 140 characters for twitter, the haiku of social media). Similarly, if I were to try to write 1000 words on my running life every day…the thought of it leaves me speechless.


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