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1 Kingsway is open

11 December, 2009

Having done a little trackwork last night, today was not really the best time for a workout at the gym, but I just couldn’t help myself when I noticed that the brand spanking new community centre opened just a couple of blocks from my home. The old mount pleasant community centre gym, airless, sweaty, underground, was definitely in need of replacement (to the extent that I would usually travel farther afield, to another neighbourhood).

But the new one, wow! This is exciting. I took one of the treadmills (below) for a spin. Not only do they face a window, but there are also screens above (although I thought the placement is really too high to be useful, unless you’re seven foot tall). And it goes Fast. No more 6:00/mile maximum, I briefly took the one I was on up to 4:45/mile. I dared not go any faster as I would have hurt myself, even if I could have stayed on my feet.

an array of treadmills facing the window

speedy treadmills

Anyway, the rest of it is the normal gym stuff, more than what I need. There is also a climbing wall, which looks as though it would get boring pretty quickly. But if you’re a kid that would keep you going for a little while, and if it gets more people into climbing and makes it a more accessible activity in this city, then I’m not going to complain.

As it got dark I went for six @ 7:11/mile. Six miles is probably my favourite everyday distance. I’ve adapted to the zero degree temperature, and it doesn’t make me not want to go out anymore. Daily total: seven and a half miles.

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