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3×1 mile repeats, 400 recovery

10 December, 2009

When you set a running goal for yourself, that’s to say a short-term goal to be achieved in 3-6 months, it’s not so much about whether you can achieve that goal. Whether you can achieve that goal comes down to, a) waking up on the day of the race knowing that you’ve done the training, b) having the fire in your belly at the start line, and c) nothing going horribly wrong. Really, from the perspective of a three to six month training plan it’s more about whether your body, and the rest of your life, can withstand the onslaught of the training you’re about to throw at it. I know that I can thrive on a weekly distance of 40-45 miles, what I don’t know at the moment is what will be the effect of weekly speedwork.

The mile repeats I did tonight felt way too good, and it turns out that they were a little slow for the level I would like to be at right now. I have a constant battle with not going out too fast. It used to be a matter of ignorance or unfounded optimism, now I realize that, in a group of runners all starting at the same time, it’s more to do with the stampede/herd mentality, to which I am still susceptible. Every time my first lap was the fastest (82, 79, and 78 seconds). On the positive side, I did at least run each mile progressively faster (5:42, 5:32 and 5:28), and perhaps if I had paced myself better earlier on…

Anyway, I absolutely love this workout, it really makes me feel strong. Who knew track work could be fun? Next week we’re doing a 5k time trial to see where we’re at. For myself, I think that I can run 17:30 on a good day (and if I don’t start too fast).

For dinner: chicken risotto (thigh). You are what you eat, and chickens run farther than they fly.


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