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More bear bell!

9 December, 2009
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Okay, I try to suffuse this blog every day with joy and light, but today I have to get something off my chest.

[/rant] How can it be that I, as a long-time pedestrian and cyclist, having driven on perhaps three occasions since passing the test at the age of 18, know the local highway code better than so many of our car-driving brethren in this city? I know where and when to stop, and I know where and when you’re supposed to stop. If there’s any doubt about whose right of way it is, I take care to make/avoid eye contact with you before I roll my eyes.

Why are you stopping, driver? I have already started to slow down. My posture, and increasingly my countenance, reflects that of the brightly lit red man on the other side of the road. Yes, I am standing still, my heart rate is going down while my blood pressure is going up. You look stunned, it’s my legs isn’t it? Or do I look suicidal to you? True, I am wearing shorts in December, and yes I chose not to climb in a steel cage, despite the fact there are idiots like you driving around. In fact, this is the thirteenth time it’s happened this week. I am tempted to throw myself in the road, thanks for the suggestion. But now you have stopped dead, I would have to impale myself on your antenna, and that just would take too long and ruin the easy pace I was aiming for.
[end rant/].

Thanks for bearing with me. I think more trail running is in order.

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