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Training, an art form

7 December, 2009

Wow, a double workout. Maybe it’s this blog — it really does seem to get me out the door. At this moment I am not registered for any race, and there’s nothing on the horizon for a good ten weeks. Ordinarily this would be the time to put my feet up, get on with work, and maybe gain a handful of pounds (if I really stuff my face). But I haven’t  put myself through hard training since the first half of last year, and so I don’t really need an extended period of rest.

Today, then, I actually went to the gym in the morning, the best time for unpleasant chores,  and did a fairly complete routine thanks mainly to having a fresh episode of This American Life on my ipod. After lunch and a good dose of coffee, I laced up and headed out for my six mile loop via Oak Meadows. Despite there being really too many traffic lights, this is such a lovely run, warming up the muscles for the first half uphill, a few moments of pure solitude and flatness at Oak Meadows (usually), and then crashing down Oak Street.

I’m trying to run a little more on the roadway (not on Oak, though!) and verges too, since no less an authority than Jon Brown has said that running on the concrete is officially bad for you. I’ve ignored this advice in the past, but it could be part of the explanation for my own history of injury. Even if the body can and does adapt to running on concrete, the fact remains that road races are run almost exclusively on asphalt, and switching suddenly is perhaps not wise, and unnecessarily traumatic for the body.

This isn’t the only thing I’m switching up — for example, I’m also transitioning to the lighter and lower profile/less supported Wave Elixir as my regular shoe, from the Mizuno Wave Inspire. Even without considering the big messy set of phenomena called life (that tends so often to get in the way of running), there are too many variables, and life is too fleeting, for training to be approached systematically in the objective way of the scientist to his lab bench. It is, without question, an art!

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  1. aliasbasil permalink
    7 December, 2009 10:24 pm

    The Mzuno Wave Elixir! A fine choice. My favourite training show, historically speaking. The Elixir 3 is a pretty smooth ride – the shoe a lot more responsive than versions 1 or 2. They will serve you well, I am sure.

    Welcome to the world of blogging! Always room for more on running.

  2. 7 December, 2009 10:47 pm

    Yes, my first time out with the elixir threes was also my first time on an all-weather track. Thought I’d died and gone to Fukuoka. Thanks for the feedback!

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