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Blond by numbers

4 December, 2009
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I’ve never been much at arithmetic while running. Even though I tend to have less trouble with this sort of thing than your average citizen, it seems that as I get progressively more tired during a run my ability to do any kind of computation goes completely out of the window. For example, in high school I had a very bad experience where, having been chosen to represent my form in the 1500m (owing more to a general reluctance on eveyone else’s part, than my own proficiency), I somehow miscounted the number of laps, and wound up finishing, or trying to finish, after 1100m. Perhaps it was more a case of performance anxiety, as I certainly didn’t consider myself a runner back then.

Last night was the third time I’ve trained with the LGRR, and we did 5x400m repeats with 90s recovery periods. It was supposed to be six repeats with  two-minute recoveries, but I didn’t get it together for the first one and we were all a little eager between laps. Also, the coach wasn’t there! I figured that 10k race pace would be a good target as that’s the distance I’ll be racing tomorrow, but I had to ask myself how a 6:00 min/mile pace could feel so fast. After all this was the pace I had set for the 10k in the sun run ’08, surely 400m with recoveries shouldn’t feel so hard? It wasn’t till I was homeward-bound on the bus that I realized that 1:16/400m is 5:04 min/mile not 6:04 min/mile. I’ve never raced a mile, but other results indicate that this is the sort of speed that I would be going, were I to try this distance.

Despite not really being in racing buildup mode, I have been feeling a little antsy this week. Antsy is good. Oxygen, lactate and a stinking vial of Antsy: all fuel for the running fire. And tomorrow there’s only two laps, so I hope that someone will stop me if I try to attempt a third. Maybe I should try attaching a pre-calculated number of clothes pegs to my fingers, losing one with every lap till there’s none left.

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