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Crows and a kodachrome sunset

30 November, 2009

An easy six mile loop via a kodachrome sunset at Oak Meadows. One of my favourite runs, especially around dusk.

Walking home a bit earlier today, I got to see, under a clear sky, the daily, eastward mass-migration of crows back to their roost on the downtown eastside (where most of the human scavengers congregate, incidentally). What do they do during the day? Grubbing in Point Grey, or fixing in Kits,? A little cawing at city hall, perhaps.

As legend would have it, the runner, the Wolf, and Crow’s big brother Raven were once kindred hunting spirits. From his height above, Raven would be the first on the scene and take the animal’s eyes, which allowed him to keep up with his rival, Eagle. Wolf would get the organs because of his clean-up gig, and Man claimed the rest of the animal for his executive-decision-making superpowers. Then one day Man decided to carve up the land and contain all the animals. The animals no longer had to be claimed because they were owned from birth through breath to death. Raven was no longer useful, and so he went into exile in the woods and on rocky outcrops (called crown land because it was originally crow-owned), while little Crow stepped in to scrap over bits of cheeseburger with the seagulls and the pigeons. And so it goes.

Image: courtesy Pandiyan (of Flickr).

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